Food supplements

Coenzyme Q10 has been used in food supplements for more than 20 years, and this is the area where Valens also has the most experience.

Q10Vital® is suitable for all forms of supplements, including liquids, capsules, tablets, effervescent tablets, oral sprays and powder forms (sachets).

Valens is very flexible in cooperation with our partners, therefore we offer:

  1. Q10Vital® ingredient for your own formulations
  2. Finished products (Quvital® range) for distribution in your country*
  3. Finished products with Q10Vital® under your private label (contract manufacturing services for most of the above mentioned forms)

*For more information about exclusive distribution please contact us.


The best possible use of Q10Vital® is in liquid formulations, such as syrups and sugar free liquids. Its solubility in water enables a very easy incorporation and with a variety of flavouring options you can get a product with an excellent taste.

Liquid CoQ10 supplements are especially convenient for consumers, who don’t want capsules or have problems with swallowing them. Besides its superior bioavailability and absorption, liquid formulations also enable the distribution of smaller dosings throughout the day, which has been proven to be more effective compared to taking only one dose of CoQ10 per day.

Besides Q10Vital® ingredient Valens also offers custom made finished products in different concentrations.

Oral sprays

Due to their convenient use and excellent absorption in the mouth, oral sprays are becoming more and more popular among consumers.

Valens has developed an oral spray with 10 mg of CoQ10 per puff, which is an optimal concentration for maintaining normal daily CoQ10 levels. This way you can take up to 5 puffs per day (at different hours, best with meals) and ensure the best possible absorption.

Q10Vital® is also convenient to be used as an addition to other multivitamin oral sprays.

Capsules and tablets

Capsules are still the most popular form of food supplements, and by using Q10Vital solely, you can fill up to 100* mg of CoQ10 in one capsule (size zero).

Valens can provide Q10Vital® for your own formulation or in a form of finished product – in either blisters or plastic jars. The capsules are based on cellulose and are suitable for vegetarians.

Tablets are less popular in CoQ10 industry, however Q10Vital® is suitable for this type of supplements as well.

*Considering the high bioavailability, 100 mg of CoQ10 from Q10Vital® equals to at least 400 mg of CoQ10 in capsules with basic (crystalline) form of coenzyme Q10.

Effervescent tablets

Q10Vital® has been used in effervescent tablets for years as a very popular type of “on the go” supplements.

Opposite of liquids, oral sprays, capsules and tablets, Valens does not offer contract manufacturing services for this type of product, however we can provide Q10Vital® with the highest recommendation form our respective partners in effervescent tablets industry.

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