Coenzyme Q10 in food and beverage industry

Global functional foods and beverages market is expected to exhibit strong growth at a CAGR of close to 8% during the period 2017-2021. The value of the market will increase from 447 billion USD to 651 billion USD in 2021. High growth will be fueled by innovations, aging population and increasingly health-conscious consumers.

Coenzyme Q10 is becoming increasingly popular ingredient in a range of different foods and beverages. Its proven effects on heart health, energy and overall health, along with its antioxidant functions, make it a perfect fit for various health concepts. But CoQ10 still didn’t reach its full potential as its use in dairy products, beverages and snacks is limited, due to its water insolubility.

Q10Vital® is an innovative, water soluble and highly bioavailable form of CoQ10. It is extremely easy to work with, as it doesn’t affect the smell or taste of the product and completely dissolves in aqueous media. You can find Q10Vital® in various functional foods and drinks around the word!

Dairy products

As milk production worldwide is on a rise, new trends in nutrition and consumer behavior shape the modern dairy market. While sales of basic products (like bottled milk) are plummeting, sales of healthy dairy products, such as Greek yogurt, are exhibiting strong growth.

Dairy products have always been in the forefront of functional foods and beverage market. From added probiotics and proteins to vitamins and minerals, they have been an important source of human health and wellbeing. Coenzyme Q10 role as an energy generator and antioxidant fits perfectly in the range of functional dairy products.

But the development and manufacturing of functional dairy products containing CoQ10 is extremely difficult, as CoQ10 doesn’t dissolve well in milk or yogurt. Q10Vital® solves this problem with its enhanced solubility.

Including Q10Vital into any dairy product is very easy, and Valens is one of the top experts to help you achieve the best possible solution – from milk to yogurts.

Powder drinks

Global powder drinks market is undergoing major changes led by exiting product innovations, driven by health and wellness trends. Manufacturers must react quickly as sales of “traditional” powder drinks (sugary and full of calories) are in steep decline.

Modern consumers are looking for low calorie products, full of flavor and with clear health benefits. Coenzyme Q10 fits perfectly in whole range of different powder drinks (from skin care to pre-workout). But incorporating CoQ10 in powder drinks is especially problematic, as CoQ10 is only soluble in oil. CoQ10 does not dissolve in water and will form small lumps. This will significantly affect the appearance of mixed drink, feeling in the mouth, flavor and thus overall quality of the product.

Q10Vital® solves this problems with excellent instant solubility and stability in water. Additionally it doesn’t affect the flavor or smell of the final product.


Global beverages market is exhibiting constant growth, but manufacturers face constant challenges as new trends and changes in consumer behavior are changing the landscape. Health and wellbeing are trends that shape the market in a big way. Modern consumers are looking for healthy refreshment, convenience and function in their beverages.

As the sales of “traditional” beverages (carbonated drinks, juices, etc.) continue to decline, the sales of functional drinks are exhibiting incredible growth. Today more than nine in ten Americans agree that nutritional and performance drinks help them maintain a healthy lifestyle and three in five Americans use those drinks as a meal replacement.
Experts believe that “future is functional” or to put it differently – the future of beverage sector is to make every calorie and ingredient count in terms of purpose and function.

CoQ10 with its popularity, wide range of health benefits, its antioxidant function and role in energy formulation fits perfectly in wide range of different functional beverages. CoQ10 is incredibly hard to incorporate in drinks as it will not dissolve in water-based environment. This brings a range of problems – from stability and taste to the overall appearance of the drink. Q10Vital® solves this problems with its great solubility and long term stability. Additionally Q10Vital® does not affect smell, taste, appearance or consistency of drinks. Its ability to stay stable under pasteurization also make manufacturing of drinks with CoQ10 incredibly simple.


Bar`s market is also affected by overall trend of health and wellbeing in food and beverage industry. Snack and cereal bars are quickly losing market share to nutrition and health bars. While market for snack and cereal bars is mostly flat, nutrition and health bars market expands with strong double digit growth annually.

CoQ10 with its health benefits, antioxidant properties and role in energy metabolism fits in a whole range of nutrition and health bars. Incorporating CoQ10 into bars is quite a difficult as it is relatively unstable under high temperatures. Q10Vital® solves this problem, since it remains stable under long term heat exposure.

Breakfast cereals

Global cereal market is also influenced by increasing consumer awareness towards health eating habits. Although it is predicted that market will achieve stable growth in future, it is faced with major challenges.

Cereals are one of the most expensive breakfast alternatives, as eggs, yogurt, etc. are significantly cheaper. So, cereals must provide higher value for consumers to stay competitive. So enriching cereals with micro and macro nutrients and providing consumers with functional concepts is a way forward.

Coenzyme Q10 role as an energy generator and antioxidant fits in the whole range of functional breakfast cereals. But incorporating CoQ10 into breakfast foods is difficult as CoQ10 doesn’t dissolve in milk or juice. CoQ10 forms small lumps, so it effects the taste, consistency and appearance of the cereals mixed with juice/milk. Q10Vital® effectively solves this problems with its excellent solubility.


Chocolate is one of the most popular and widely consumed products in the world. The growth in the past decade has been driven in large part by an increasing awareness of the health benefits of certain types of chocolate.

Increasingly popular dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and offers a range of health benefits. It represents a great base for functional concepts, mostly for beauty and skin care. Research also shows that consumers of chocolate are considerably price insensitive. So, there is an opportunity for healthy, high quality and functional chocolate products with high value for the consumers.

CoQ10 as a strong antioxidant offers a range of health benefits. CoQ10 is not stable under high temperature and isn’t soluble in liquids so incorporating it into chocolate products is difficult. Q10Vital® solves this problem with excellent stability under high temperatures and solubility.

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